Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! And snow, snow, snow, snow....

It's winter, ladies and gents. And Ireland is drowning in a slightly fluffier form of it's usual precipitation: snow! It's throwing a spanner in the works, that's for sure (US translation: wrench).

We had two (count em, two!) snow days last week, which meant the cancellation of one research and one personal and professional development seminar. It also meant the most inopportune time for the heat to go out at my apartment. Which it, of course, did. Actually, the water went out, then the heat, then we waited three days to get it fixed! Loverly.

Here's the rundown: Monday night chillin' with the roomies (thanks to Jenny, I had steak, carrots, mashed potatoes! And I furnished....wait for it...cupcakes! Who's not surprised?) and chatting with my mama when, all of a sudden, the smoke alarms start going nutso. We think maybe they need to be reset, before we realise that water is dripping into the kitchen through the lamp in the ceiling. And that happened just before Norma screamed and we realised that the water was running into Jenny's room through the smoke alarm (thus triggering all of them), through Jenny's floor, and into the kitchen. Commence girlie panic.

After several hours and multiple phone calls, we had a temporary solution to the problem: wait for a replacement water tank to be delivered in 1-2 days. Until then, limited use of water. Washing hands and a few dishes here and there was fine; flushing, showering, running the washing machine were not. Both Norma and Jenny work, so I was the designated wait-at-home-and-let-repairman-in person. It was fab.

All this when I was supposed to be moving out of the place! Had to postpone departure an extra day (partially tragedy at the old place, partially snow, and partially a difficult process of approval for the new lease), but finally made it into the cozy new apartment on Friday. I'm living with Katrin and Christiane, two amazing (German!) girls from my course. They're quite wonderful, and so is our place (other than the fact that the plumbing has to be redone for the washing machine to work...I'm just not having a good month when it comes to functional water systems!). I have some pics, but they need to be uploaded. To come soon! (i.e. when I need another distraction from studying for exams)

That brings us to the next BIG thing in the life of all MSc's at Trinity: exams are next week! Commence academic panic.

International Finance and Economics of Global Markets on Monday, International NGOs on Tuesday, International Marketing on Wednesday, and Global Supply Chain Management on Thursday. Not to mention a 5000 word Service Science paper due Friday (2/3 done!).

But the BEST part is CHRISTMAS SHOPPING on Friday, ROOMIE CHRISTMAS DINNER Friday night, FORMER ROOMIE CHRISTMAS COOKIES Saturday, PACKING Sunday, and LEAVING ON A JET PLANE!!!!!!! on Monday :]] I'm just a teeny bit excited to see the fam for Christmas. It's going to be glorious!

I'll post an update on how mutilated my thinker is after those hefty exams. It's definitely different here! All exams are essays and sources (Author, year) need to be memorised for the whole host of possible question/answer combinations. Challenging? Just a little! I'm slightly scared...

Well, it's about that time, folks. 'Round about midnight, and it's early to rise for this little MSc. Study study study study is on the agenda! Amongst the snow, snow, snow....speaking of which, here's the rest of the current snow debacle: 1) Ireland doesn't know how to clear sidewalks. Instead of shoveling/sweeping, they just leave it for a few days and then pour dirt on it. Commence alternately slushy and icy mud throughout the city. 2) They think four wheel drive means infallibility on ice. Commence multiple accidents. 3) They close streets with steep hills. Commence taxis refusing to take MSc students with 150+ pounds of luggage to their new apartments. 4) Their water supply freezes and wasteful practices in homes causes a water shortage. Commence water restrictions from 7pm to 7am.

Doesn't it sound lovely? ;]] It may snow more in good ol' CO, but at least we know what to do with it! (Love ya, Ireland...you'll learn....we can hope....)

Love and hugs!

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  1. just realised i said "commence...." far too often in that post. apologies!